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Solstice Point Counseling, LLC is holistic counseling center that seeks to provide a compassionate and thriving approach to therapy. We specialize in eating recovery, trauma recovery, and addiction recovery.

Our providers offer counseling and mental health services for individuals, couples, and families. We provide both individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy for our clients age 11 years old and older.


Our approach includes …

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Eating Recovery

EMDR for Trauma & PTSD

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Teen & Family Support

Grief & Loss

Military Life & Family Support

Substance Abuse & Addiction

College & Life Transition

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Individual Sessions

Individual counseling sessions always begin with our “get to know YOU” session. It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist, their philosophy, and their style of counseling so our first appointment with you will last about 1 hour and include a new client assessment questionnaire. All other appointments will last about 45 minutes.


Since connection provides both interaction and support, we offer our clients group programs to provide opportunities for clients to learn from each other in a safe and open space. These groups are dedicated to the healing journey of each client and is facilitated by a licensed or supervised counselor.

Nutritional Counseling

For many clients, nutritional counseling is an important component of their overall healing journey from problematic eating issues. Our office has both Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors and Registered Dietitians here to work with you to determine the optimal nutritional plan to meet your eating recovery needs. Appointments will last about 1 hour.

Workshops & Events

Workshops are skills-based group focusing on a range of topics that provide unique opportunities for clients to explore ways to empower that life goals and values, in a personalized one-on-one session. These workshops provide accountability for clients working alone on self-help books. Come join our workshops and discover first-hand how our support can be just the ingredient you need to move forward and achieve success. Most workshops meet weekly (1 hour) for 6 -8 weeks.

we’d love to meet you…

Interested in transforming your life through hope and empowerment?? We?d love to be a part of that process! Please contact us to schedule an appointment or, if you?re a new client, we?d love to get to know you and schedule an intake session.

we’d love to meet you

Interested in transforming your life through hope and empowerment? We’d love to be a part of that process! Please contact us to schedule an appointment or, if you’re a new client, we’d love to get to know you and schedule an intake session.

group programs

"When I first began working with Mieke, depression was like walking with my head down watching my feet take one slow sluggish step after the next. Now It's like I can see the sun, the horizon, what's in front of me and I can run towards life again."



"I thought all I had was my eating disorder. Not until I started coming here did I realize that finding me was all about letting go of ED."


an artist & college student

"Eating recovery was the toughest thing I ever created. But I found a lot of the tools I needed by coming here."


a mindful yogi & graduate student

"Working with Mieke and EMDR therapy helped me feel safe again. It?s like telling an old story that no longer has any control over my life."


survivor & mother

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For general inquiries, please contact us using the contact information below. For new and existing clients below to request an appointment or setup a time to discuss our services with one of our team members.

Call: 1-912-433-7829
Fax: 1-912-335-6590
Email: info@solsticepointcounseling.com