dine meal support

“All Foods Fit”
is the core of our Dine program philosophy.

We believe our clients deserve a relationship with food where they can thrive both physically and mentally. Thrive meal support programs were designed to help clients be successful at meal times.

Dine meal support can help navigate the meal time stressors and provide personalized coaching to reduce the anxiety around the table.

Dine meal support can help navigate the meal time stressors and provide personalized coaching to reduce anxiety around the table.

Group meal support provides healing through connection with other individuals who are walking the same food recovery path. We thrive when we are surrounded by hope and nourishment.


Dine offers that place of hope.

Does this sound like you?

  • I like to measure food or calorie count to reduce my anxiety around food.
  • I have to plan my food choices around how much I exercise.
  • I hate feeling full.
  • I have so much guilt around what or how much I eat.
  • I hide food in my room.
  • People I care about get frustrated with my eating habits.
  • I eat alone so no one can comment about my food choices.
  • I weigh myself often.
  • I purge my food to compensate for overeating.
  • I’m scared of certain foods and will never eat them.
  • I always overeat and lose control around certain food.
  • I look at my body shape and I am never satisfied.
  • I try to hide my body by wearing larger clothing sizes.
  • I avoid going out to eat or eating with my friends/family.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder.
  • I want to feel normal around food again.


Adult & Adolescent Meal Support Program

18 and older

Dine Virtual sessions & In-Office sessions; Flexible Times Available


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"When I first began working with Mieke, depression was like walking with my head down watching my feet take one slow sluggish step after the next. Now It's like I can see the sun, the horizon, what's in front of me and I can run towards life again."



"I thought all I had was my eating disorder. Not until I started coming here did I realize that finding me was all about letting go of ED."


an artist & college student

"Eating recovery was the toughest thing I ever created. But I found a lot of the tools I needed by coming here."


a mindful yogi & graduate student

"Working with Mieke and EMDR therapy helped me feel safe again. It?s like telling an old story that no longer has any control over my life."


survivor & mother

let's connect

For general inquiries, please contact us using the contact information below. For new and existing clients below to request an appointment or setup a time to discuss our services with one of our team members.

Call: 1-912-433-7829
Fax: 1-912-335-6590
Email: info@solsticepointcounseling.com

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